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    Gala Fabrics +7m Denim with motes +2m Unique Textiles +2.7m Saskatoon Purchases +12 m Myrna Purchases +7 Camo Denim +1 Total 31.7 (ouch)
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    Bag of Frustration - 2m Red corduroy skirt -1 Plaid jacket -3 Red t-shirt -1.5 Grey t-shirt -1.5 Cream skirt -2 Stripey Bird Shirt -2 Failed Blue Corduroys - 3 White t-shirt - 1.5 Total 17.5
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April 13, 2016



Yes... I think you did answer your own question. I don't spin but I love the Tuesday concept. I'll have to think about how to morph that my way. When you come to visit, hopefully we can go to my friend's studio. She spins new yarns from combinations of yarns often gathered from old sweaters. That's about the only way I might spin but I'm more than occupied so I probably should leave new "sports" alone.

Mary Collins

I have this weird thing about new hobbies - if I don't have to buy anything new, then it's okay to give it a shot. Which limits me to fiber-based things, but I love the fiber, so that's okay. Looking forward to meeting your friend.

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